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Dating Space

Dating Space is an interactive dating space in the Datingverse. The Dating Space is created on a temporary basis each time, with crypto technology ensuring that interactive content is only visible to participating users and that all content will not be saved.
Dating Space has two modes: Classic mode and 3D/VR mode. Users who have VR devices or higher configuration computers can use 3D/VR mode. Other users can use Classic mode to interact with devices such as mobile phones. The classic mode supports text, picture, voice or video direct connection. Both modes support hardware device calls, and participants can get more pleasure from hardware interaction. The 3D/VR version of Dating Space will first be built on unity3d. We are also considering using Unreal5 or other better technologies to build the next version to give users a more realistic experience.
The 3D scene of the Dating Space is built with prebuilt scene templates. Users with Dating Land can save up to 5 scene templates in the Land. At the same time, we will also provide a large number of free dating scene templates in the public land area to give users an experience beyond their imagination.
In the Dating Space, you can give each other NFT gifts. These NFT gifts can be purchased with $DVC or can be freely exchanged back to $DVC.