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What is the Datingverse?

Datingverse is a social metaverse for dating based on WEB3 and VR technology. As an exploration of SocialFi, Datingverse sets up a “dating to earn” mechanism, while allowing fans to build interactive relationships with content creators through the subscription service.

What to do in the Datingverse?

General Users

  • Interactive dating with strangers/creators
  • Subscribe to the creator’s content
  • Buy/Sell creator’s content NFT
  • Buy/Sell/Rent Dating Land for revenue
  • Share in the growth of Datingverse by earning/holding $DVC

Content Creators

  • Earn revenue through fan subscriptions
  • Earn revenue by making and selling content NFT
  • Earn revenue by dating fans in the Dating Space
  • Share in the growth of Datingverse by earning/holding $DVC

3D/VR Producer

  • Earn revenue by making and selling 3D/VR scenes
  • Earn revenue by making and selling 3D avatars
  • Share in the growth of Datingverse by earning/holding $DVC

What is Datingverse Genesis NFT?

DatingVerse will launch a collection of 5,000 NFTs at the initiating stage. They are unique digital collectibles designed by many talented artists from around the globe under the theme of "Dating Space". They are also ERC-721 compatible tokens living on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the use of Genesis NFT funds?

In order to raise more early R&D funds and to find our early active participants and supporters, we will release a collection of well-designed 5000 NFTs crafted by some talented artists. These NFTs will be built on the Ethernet mainnet via the ERC-721A protocol. The funds raised from the Genesis NFT mint will be mainly used for project R&D, with a small portion of the remaining funds being used for promotional purposes and to purchase some collaborative resources upfront.

How much per Genesis NFT

Price: 0.1 ETH

How many Genesis NFTs can be minted per address

2 per wallet address.

When will Datingverse Genesis NFT be minted?

First batch: Diamond Mint (mint for WL members only, limited to 500)

-For OG: May 19, 12pm UTC - May 20, 12pm UTC
-For WL: May 20, 12pm UTC - May 21, 12pm UTC

Second batch: Genesis Mint

-For WL: June 16
-Open Mint: June 17

Refund period. (refunds allowed at mint price and will burn).

June 18th - June 27

Will we have a pre-sale/whitelist?

Yes! There will be a pre-sale before we launch our actual NFTs!

How to become a whitelist member?

If you entered our coummunity and became our new member. Then there are several ways to register as WL, and have the opportunity to participate in Diamond Mint.
  1. 1.
    Level 5 / Invite 10: Reach level 5 by chatting or inviting 10 real people.
  2. 2.
    Blue Chip: If you are Blue Chip NFT holder
  3. 3.
    Server Boost: Boosting our Discord server
  4. 4.
    Participate in activities: There are currently many daily activities in Discord that you can participate in, so please enjoy participating.
  5. 5.
    Follow Twitter and actively participate in retweeting related activities.
  6. 6.
    Get giveaways: Get from our twitter or collaboration server

What are the benefits for Genesis NFT holders?

What is the Guarantee of Genesis NFT Price ?

Minter is allowed to make refunds at the mint price (gas fee to be paid by yourself).

What are the benefits of Diamond Mint?

Anyone who participates in the Diamond Mint will receive an airdrop of one Diamond ID NFT per Genesis NFT. The total benefits enjoy the respective benefits of both NFTs separately

Mint 1 Get 1 Free

  • Mint 1 Genesis NFT, get 1 Diamon ID NFT free
This mint is only sold to OG and WL members, limited to 2 per address, with OG enjoying early mint status.
We will airdrop an additional Diamond ID NFT for participants in Diamond Mint.

Airdrop Rules.

After the end of the mint program (including the refund period, after June 27), anyone who keep holding can be airdropped one Diamond ID NFT per Genesis NFT.

What are the benefits of Diamond ID NFT?

Anyone who participates in the Diamond Mint will receive an airdrop of one Diamond ID NFT per Genesis NFT

Diamond ID NFT Additional Benefits.

  1. 1.
    Stake to get 0.5% of the total $DVC airdrop
  2. 2.
    Free mint 1 Dating Land
  3. 3.
    Have a cool Avatar in Datingverse
  4. 4.
    More benefits will be launched subsequently

How do I mint Genesis NFT?

In order to purchase a Genesis NFT, you will need set-up an Ethereum-based wallet, we recommend Metamask. Having a Metamask wallet gives you access to decentralized apps and an Ethereum address where your NFT will be stored.

Where can I find information about the roadmap?

Our 1.0 roadmap is updated on Roadmap and official website, and subsequent updates will also be synchronized there.

Where can I find daily updates from Datingverse?

You can find regular updates on our Twitter @datingverse and Discord Community .